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The music industry is evolving into a more vibrant independent scene. Major labels are losing their power, which is why many of their studios are shutting down across the nation. With artists having more resources to harness their skills and major labels investing less in artist, the room for big budget studios has shrunk.


With the help of different equipment, artists are getting the chance to record in the luxury of their own rooms. This enables them to take on most of the roles major labels used to play.  However, this is the last thing an artist should do; with more hats to wear, your focus will be diverted and your art will be affected.


Here at Century Studios, we don’t only help you achieve great quality sound, but we aim to help you succeed.  Our staff comprises of independent artists, producers, promoters, bloggers, business owners and other professionals who make the network and synergy in Century Studios unique and powerful. We truly believe that by working together, we can change not just Jacksonville's music industry, but the music industry as a whole.


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