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Century Studios can assist you in music production and provide any of the following services: Arrangements | Programing | World class studio musicians | Recording | Mixing | Mastering |Vocal coaching |Vocal producing/arranging | String/Brass arranging | Song selection |Song writing assistance

We have a dedicated mix room with world class equipment including: Solid State Logic summing mixers and Universal Audio, API, UA, Tube Tech, dbx, Empirical Labs, Drawmer, Avalon, Lexicon, and AMS.

You can attend the mix sessions, or send us your files electronically (FTP, Yousendit, Dropbox, etc.), or by mail, FedEx, etc. We will send the mix back for your approval or changes/ comments.

Century Studios mastering provides a blend of analog/digital mastering, utilizing state-of-the art gear such as: Inward Connections VAC RAC series, Avalon 2044, Universal Audio 2-610, NS10 studio monitors, Dangerous Music Monitor, Bryson amps and SSL input modules. We can produce DDP and Redbook masters for CD manufacturing and we also master for Vinyl releases.


$50/hr & UP

Professional graphic design is a must when you have created amazing music.  Let us create your logo, brand, album cover, poster, or anything else you will need on your musical journey. 

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You've made the song, you have the artwork done - what now? Now you take your brand to the world thru advertising and marketing. Whether it's using social media, website design, email blasts, analytics, a press release, or any other form of promotion we have you covered.

Century Studios boasts a proud reputation of world-class post production services. We offer: ADR, Voiceover Recording/Production, ISDN, International Dubbing, Video Editing/DVD Authoring​
Century Studios has an excellent staff of engineers experienced in all facets of post production, featuring state-of-the-art and industry standard equipment, recording and editing in both ProTools as well as Final Cut Pro. We also offer two full-duplex ISDN transmission lines in-house, for either ISDN or DolbyFax.

Century Studios' offer Video production for music videos, reality tv, and feature films. Rate vary according to location, mileage, and extent of the rig. 

Century Studios is able to record audio for video in the studio or on location for movies and music videos.

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Century Studios official logo Jacksonville, FL
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